University of California Davis Professor Ratings

University of California Davis

Name: University of California Davis

Location: Davis, California
The University of California, Davis also known as the UC Davis is one of the most respected teaching/research colleges in Davies, California. Its system is drawn from the UC Berkeley and University of California. The university prides itself as a leader in education because of its immensely capable and well trained/rich faculty. All its professors are highly qualified, published and current. Presently, the university has 3323 professors and lecturers on board, many of them top professors according to recent professors ratings stats. Here is a list of some of their finest academics:
1. Karina Zelaya
Teaches Spanish at the institution and although described as quite intimidating, she makes the Spanish learning process fun as you get to know her.
2. Dalal Mansour
English professor and has been described by many as hot. She is also generally passionate, pretty, helpful and kind.
3. Dianne Vochatzer
Teaches physical education at the university and she is described simply as a great woman. Her classes are described by students as simple and easy to pass.
4. Toyoi Takamura
Materials science lecturer and she is all round according to many students who have been lucky to interact with her. She is also resourceful and pretty.
5. Rob Sabino
Teaches music and his classes are all about fun and music.
6. Dana Van Liew
Teaches science and is described by students as incredibly brilliant, a good teacher and practical.
7. Jenny Plasse
One of the best teachers in forensic science.
8. Eleanor Marsh
Languages professor at this university.
9. Diana Lysinger
Pretty and teaches the languages at UC Davis.
10. Steven Nadler
Talented science professor at Davis and many students consider him extremely knowledgeable.
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