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University Of California Santa Barbara

Name: University of California Santa Barbara

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Location: Santa Barbara, California
The University of California, Santa Barbara has 2041 professors on board. As a public research university, the UCSB has some of the best trained and top professors in the whole of the USA. According to recent professors rankings, here are some of their best.
1. Nicholas Dungey
He is political science professor at the university and one of the most respected in the country. He is quite crazy and that’s interesting, or is it. Students love him.
2. Gretchen Hofmann
She is an excellent biology professor by all student standards. She teaches well and if you make attendance, you have nothing to worry about come exam time.
3. Clayton Childres
She has a great balance for personal and professional sociology teaching according to many students. She is also liberal with her marking.
4. Linsey Addington
She understands Greek history like the back of her hand. She teaches the classics and will always help if you approach her.
5. Liana Dawson
She teaches mathematics and apart from being highly qualified, students find her so gorgeous. She also grades well and freely.
6. Cornelia Becher
She is a languages professor and an excellent lecturer. She is interesting, according to most students who have gone through her.
7. Eric Englel
He teaches chemistry and knows his way around chemistry terms and concepts in an easy, intelligent and interesting manner. He makes chemistry sound simple.
8. Skye Paine
He is a languages professor at the institution and widely respected by many.
9. Chris Wood
Chris teaches anthropology and is approachable, easy and communicates effectively. He is also highly qualified and knows his way around his subject.
10. Robin York
He is another great and respected languages professor and students respect him for his teaching prowess.
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