University of Central Florida Professor Ratings

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Name: University of Central Florida

Location: Orlando, Florida
The University of Central Florida is a metropolitan Public research university. The university is specially known for its special constitution of talented professors who power their research activities. Presently, there are 3518 professors registered with the university. Here is a list of its most illustrious and hot professors according to students.
1. Stephanie Aaron
Stephanie is one of the most prolific TA for Spanish in the UCF staff. She understands both English and Spanish; she gets it to you in both languages.
2. Andres De Jesus Abad
He is definitely not an average professor remaining strict in class but helpful when you go to him.
3. Abbas Hadi
He is one of the finest fine arts teachers and professors at the University of Central Florida. He is helpful, a fine teacher and hot. And as long as you respect him, he’ll respect you.
4. Ayman Abdallah
Many students consider him very clear, demanding but, effective. He is also easy to access and email is one of the best platforms he can offer help.
5. Zakhia Abichar
He is rated among the most excellent computer science professors at UCF.
6. Ackley Timothy
He is rated highly among education students. Many students sum his classes as “easy”.
7. Michelle Adams
Her students think she has some of the most interesting and lively lectures. However, you must work hard for that A in her class.
8. Daniel Adams
He is one of the finest English professors here and many students state he is just hot.
9. Walter Avecedo
Many students consider Walter as one of the best math professors at the University of Central Florida. He makes calculus seem simple.
10. Wa’il Abu-El-Sha’r
This is an engineering professor with a difference-smart, easy, helpful and clear according to most students.
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