University of Washington Professor Ratings

University of Washington

Name: University of Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington
The University of Washington is one of the topmost public research universities in the US. It’s considered as one of the oldest universities on the US west coast with ample attendance and student population. It has some of the world’s most respected professors whose number is 2361, according to recent world professor’s rankings. Here are some of their finest academics.

1. Jennifer Lavy
She is a theatre teacher whose skills and experience is tested and respected. She has won several awards at UW and students love her persona.
2. Joseph Dieleman
He is the student’s favorite economics professor whose classes are so easy to pass. He is also very helpful, clear and a student favorite.
3. Maria Anderson
Maria teaches dance and she is hot. Her dance classes are inspired, full of spirit and students think she has a lot going on for herself at UW.
4. Giselle Wyers
Students don’t even see her as a music professor she is; they think of her as the best choir conductor at the University of Washington. She is both helpful, skilled, a mentor and keen on her students’ needs.
5. Mia Ayumi Malhotra
She is the English professor at the university and she is loved for her poetry prowess and expertise. She has been writing poetry for years.
6. Benjamin Lundell
He is a math professor at UW and is certainly known as easy going, knowledgeable and easy. Students love him too; he is always on their side.
7. Gautam Sisodia
He is also a respected math professor whose classes are quite easy. He gives less homework, writing work and very helpful.
8. Hedwige Meyer
Is the French professor from France to say the least. Students adore her smile and kindness. She is a gem at the University of Washington.
9. Lawerence Bliquez
He is a classics professor who is handsome, hands on and makes students develop subject interest.
10. Evan Goldstein
He is the electrical engineer professor who takes an interest in students learning intuitively.
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