Brigham Young University Professor Ratings

Name: Brigham Young University

Location: Provo, Utah
Brigham Young University is one of the most respected universities in the USA. It’s a religious private university and in fact, the largest religious university in the USA. The university is also listed as the largest private university in the USA. Popularly known as BYU, this university boasts of a capable, highly trained and efficient faculty whose respect is common news in the education sector. Based on recent professors’ rankings, this university has 3114 professors on board, all of whom seasoned, experienced and notable. Here are some of their top rated professors.
1. Doug Prawitt
He is one of the most qualified accounting professors at the university who is respect by his students. He has published widely and many of his books are used at the highest levels.
2. Scott Baldwin
He is a psychology professor who understands what he is doing. Students love his simplicity.
3. Steve Shumway
He teaches technology and is good at explaining even the hardest concepts
4. John Bankhead
Despite teaching math, this is a professor who takes time to know his students.
5. Bruce Stewart
She teaches religion in a way that she gets so many students in her classes. However, she is strict about attendance.
6. Shawn Nissen
She teaches about communication disorders at the university and is a respected member of the faculty at BYU.
7. Damon Johnson
He is an interesting religion professor who is amiable, likeable and dedicated to his students. You just need to remember to read his notes to pass well.
8. Jennifer A. Giauque
She teaches physical education and really good at what she does. Students love her dance classes.
9. Ann Bahr
She teaches exercise and dance classes and is known for her kind, down to earth persona.
10. Casey Peterson
He teaches education leadership and cares about his students and their insights.
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