Pennsylvania State University Professor Ratings

Name: Pennsylvania State University

Location: University Park, Pennsylvania
The Pennsylvania State University (PSU)is one of the leading universities in Pennsylvania. Popularly known as Penn State University, it’s the largest state research university in the state with the public service in mind. This university enrolls over 44,000 graduate and undergraduate students with over 4376 professors. These figures directly place this university among the largest universities in the USA by the numbers. According to recent professor’s ratings, here are some of the top professors at the university.
1. O. Richard Bundy
He is one of the highest rated music professors at the university whose tutelage boasts of Pennsylvania’s top musicians and performers. He is loved by students, many who consider him a second father for the campus music band.
2. Andrew Porter
He is a behavioral science professor whose prowess is well known within the Pennsylvania community. His classes are interesting and many students believe he is very helpful and considerate with his marking.
3. Amanda Regan
She is a languages professors whose classes are a must attend if you want an A. Whereas she gives many assignments, she awards exam marks rather liberally making her classes popular, yet not so easy.
4. Jeffrey Volz
He teaches civil engineering and he is the man; that’s all his students say. He is also funny.
5. Ty Hollett
Ty has different kinds of English classes; they are interesting. Also very helpful, funny and interesting that many students find his classes addictive.
6. Shawn Ryan
Ryan is one of the most respected math professors at Penn State. Despite the fact that math is not for the faint hearted, he gives his best to ensure that his students pass.
7. Mark Belden
Mark teaches Kinesiology and students respect him for his teaching abilities and intellect.
8. Beth Anderson
Chemistry is not fun but here is a teacher who makes it all go away.
9. Amy Dietz
Amy teaches labor studies and is considered helpful and understanding by students.
10. Henry Brzycki
He is an education professor who knows what he’s talking about and is interesting.
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