San Diego State University Professor Ratings

Name: San Diego State University

Location: San Diego, California
San Diego State University is a top higher education facility situated in San Diego County. It’s considered as one of the oldest in the system and it’s also the largest in the county. The university offers different degree programs to students with different needs. SDSU has a rich faculty comprised of highly qualified, well trained and renowned top professors in California. Through them, the university has managed to produce amazing research work, well trained students and favorable professors ratings regionally.  Presently, there are 3470 professors catering for the interests of the 30000+ student pool. Here is a list of some of the top professors at the institution.
1. Myra Lemma
Concerted French professor and students credit her for being available to workaholic levels, helpful and kind. She will enable you understand the language.
2. Dj Birnie
Accounting professor who is described as God send by those who have encountered him. He knows his forte and is always willing to help.
3. Steven Akina
Music professor who makes learning the piano seems easy. His classes are great.
4. Ringer Stockdale
Teaches social science and students love her for various reasons. First, she ensures the classes are interesting, offers support and marks fairly. Many of her students get A’s for this reason.
5. Youseff Francis
Great maths TA at SDSU and students love him for this.
6. Ryan Claytor
Teaches art at SDSU. His classes are interesting and full of passion.
7. Scott Rosesch
Who teaches Psychology at the college.
8. Della Dunns
Teaches nursing as a course.
9. Stephen Ross
Teaches business and success for him comes because he is clear and helpful in a rather technical course.
10. Peter Muffoletto
Teaches exercise and sports at the university and is considered one of the best in the field.
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